Meet the Ponies

We feel it is important for our horses that there work load is varied and the hours they work are regulated. Therefore, we ensure that our horses do a variety of work within our ménage, indoor school, trekking tracks and cross country course to ensure they do not become sour and bored. A happy horse is a happy rider.

All our horses are safe to hack out on the roads and go out on a regular basis. With that said, here are the boys, we can always find a horse to suit you whether you are a novice or experienced rider, short or tall light or heavy we probably have the right horse or pony for you, the only constraints are that our riders are 4 years old or over and under 14 stone



11h1" 10 year old grey welsh section A gelding.  Bubbles came to us in summer 2017 after he was sadly outgrown by his previous rider.  Bubbles was used a lead rein pony for hunting and Pony Club and has a springy walk and a 'can do' attitude.  Although Bubbles was a lead rein pony we have put young experienced riders on him without a lead rein and he is fab.  He really enjoys a good canter and jumping.  He is great in the stable and loves a cuddle over the door.


11hh 8 year old chestnut welsh section A gelding.  We brought Dennis not so long ago to fill a big void that will be difficult to fill. After our lovely Bosley left us we had to find a pony to take up the reins! Fortunately we found Dennis, he previously was a lead rein pony for a little boy who then grew too big. He is a very genuine boy and is taking to the job very well, he enjoys his food and loves attention. We are really enjoying having Dennis as part of our team, although Boz left a big hole to fill but he’s doing his best! He’s great in the stable too which makes him just the perfect pony. #Hollyridingschool #hrsdennisthemenace #meetthehorses

ELK - Talsarn Rough Diamond 

12h2 age 14 Welsh Section A grey gelding.  We got him from the same home as Noah, they were living together for many years and are quite inseparable.   He's a great all-rounder although a little bit grumpy in the stable but would never kick or bite as secretly enjoys a good fuss.  He's great at jumping and hacking.


NOAH - Apache

 12h2 age 11 Welsh x gelding.  Noah was a much loved pony that ended up in the wrong home before we had him. He came to us a little bit confused and upset and took sometime to settle in.  He's a sensitive soul, really kind caring and enjoys to please his riders. He's a very popular member of our team.  He's good in the stable and absolutely excellent to ride, turns hooves anything he's asked to do.

COCO - Action Man

13h2” 17 year old Welsh Part-Bred bay gelding. Coco is very, very popular and again has a waiting list of young riders. He is an exceptionally nice person in the stable but a little bit shy.

He is fantastic to ride and so wants to please his riders. He is not strong but is forward going without being scary. He is almost remote controlled and has a super jump and never ever stops.

He has competed at local shows with ourselves last year and did exceptionally well getting the in rosettes every time in the mini jumping, handy pony and gymkhana. A well loved pony by all. 

MILO - Pigbush Nutcracker

Milo is a 9 year old 13h2" Newforest bay gelding.  He has been in a private home doing all Pony Club activities prior to us buying him.  He is a total asset to the team and is great to ride and groom. 


KEITH - Inspector Keith

Keith is an 9 year old 13h2" coloured cob.  He was in the same home for 3 years before coming to us as he was sadly outgrown.  He has done all riding club activities including jumping and showing. He is fabulous on the road and enjoys a good fuss.






Bowie is a 11-year-old 13h3 coloured cob.


We bought Bowie from the same home as Noah and Elk where he was used to hack and general riding club activities.


He has fitted into his new role in the riding school incredibly well, he’s great at teaching riders walk, trot and canter and enjoys to pop a small cross pole. He’s a really good all rounder with lovely manners in the stable and easy to ride.

Karino Z




Karino is an 11-year-old 13h3 Connemara grey gelding.  Previously before coming to us, Karino was competing British Showjumping at the top of the sport.   He has competed for England and jumped the prestigious Horse of the Year Show qualifiers with great success.


We bought him for our daughter to compete but sadly she outgrew him.  We decided to keep him for the riding school so our small adults and young riders would benefit from the wealth of experience Karino has both in dressage and Showjumping.  He’s an absolute favourite with the uni teams and our weekly riders. 



14h2 13 year old Welsh Section D Black gelding. Dylan is very cheeky and if he can will walk into the middle of the school during a lesson for a fuss from me.  He is kind and gentle and looks after riders, he has done many show jumping shows and really enjoys jumping and hacking. He is good in the stable and enjoys being groomed and fussed.


Maesmand Dafydd - Daff




Daff is a 9 year old 15h2 to Welsh section D bay gelding. 


We bought Daff from a lady that I bought him to Hack.  However, she realised he was much better than just a happy Hack, so she sold him to us.  


Since being with us he has become a great favourite with the universities riding teams and our adult/teenage riders.  He enjoys jumping and loves a fuss in the stable although, can be a  little timid with strangers.




15h 9 year old grey spotted gelding.  Brocolli came from Devon where he enjoyed hacking in the woods and cantering long the beaches.  He's been with us just over a year and really enjoys the work. He's forward going and easy off the leg.  He's a bundle of fun.

BILLY - The Big Fuse

Billy is our largest School horse standing at 16h2, he previously hunted before we had him proving bold & brave jumping 6ft hedges for fun. We brought him when he was 6 as since them he has worked in the riding school, he can adapt to all levels of people whether your lead rein or wanting to jump a course he really is a confidence giver. He also takes part in out Uni competitions mostly in dressage as he is very established on the flat, but would always have a go jumping whether it be 70cm or 1.10m! Billy is a pleasure to have around and is very patient and forgiving making him a favourite with our riders.

FOREST - Forestland Clipper

Forest is a 13 year old 16hh bay gelding ISH.  Forest has evented BE 90 with us and is now jumping British Show Jumping and has competed in Wales in his first Derby and was amazing.  His flat work is to die for with flying changes and lateral work established.  We only use Forest for our more experienced clients who are wanting to work to the next level.