Meet the Ponies

We feel it is important for our horses that there work load is varied and the hours they work are regulated. Therefore, we ensure that our horses do a variety of work within our ménage, indoor school, trekking tracks and cross country course to ensure they do not become sour and bored. A happy horse is a happy rider.

All our horses are safe to hack out on the roads and go out on a regular basis. With that said, here are the boys, we can always find a horse to suit you whether you are a novice or experienced rider, short or tall light or heavy we probably have the right horse or pony for you, the only constraints are that our riders are 4 years old or over and under 14½ stone.



12hh 19 yr old Welsh Section A grey gelding. Rocky was bought from a lady down the road that breeds Welsh Section A ponies for in-hand showing as her hobby. Rocky competed at county level in-hand showing classes until the age of 5, then we bought him and he’s worked in the riding school since. He mainly does lead rein lessons and is a real confidence giver, although he does love the more experienced rider as he loves a good gallop and has a huge jump which he likes to show off. He has a lovely temperament and is good in the stable so is a popular choice on Pony Days.



12h2” 22 year old grey gelding. Sparky is our most popular small pony. If a pony could be remote controlled that is Sparky. He is the original confidence giver and cannot be faulted in anyway. Unsurprisingly he has a waiting list and a huge following of small children.

He is a top lead rein pony and is exceptional off the lead. He has competed at local shows with ourselves with great results and is always in the rosettes. He is the most popular choice on Pony Days being booked weeks in advance and has exceptional manners to boot.

Magic - Magi moo

11h2” 17 year old Welsh Section A grey gelding. Not the best looking pony in the World but 110% trustworthy with impeccable manners in the stable and is an exceptionally good lead rein pony with a huge jump for the older more experienced children.

He has been competing at local shows with my daughter since she was two years old and is fantastic at gymkhana and handy pony, winning loads of rosettes, a testament to how good Magic is.


12h2 14 yr old gelding.  Sox is more forward going than the other little ponies and is regularly out competing in show jumping with my 8 yr old daughter.  He is a firm favourite with the more experienced children as he is safe and reliable but also faster.  Sox can be a bit grumpy in the stable and will put his ears back but would never bite or kick.

Coco - Action Man


13h2” 15 year old Welsh Part-Bred bay gelding. Coco is very, very popular and again has a waiting list of young riders. He is an exceptionally nice person in the stable but a little bit shy.

He is fantastic to ride and so wants to please his riders. He is not strong but is forward going without being scary. He is almost remote controlled and has a super jump and never ever stops.

He has competed at local shows with ourselves last year and did exceptionally well getting the in rosettes every time in the mini jumping, handy pony and gymkhana. A well loved pony by all.



Puzzle has now retired and lives at Populars Farm next door to us.  13hh 18 year old Tri coloured gelding. I bought Puzzle when he was only 11 months old from an auction as I didn't want him to go to the Gypsies for meat. He is one of our longest standing members of the riding school. Although I did sell him when he around 7 years old but he didn't like it so he came home. Puzzle is deceiving, parents think that he is stubborn but he is very good at reading his riders and if a child lacks confidence he slows down, therefore looking sluggish. However, if a rider is confident Puzzle comes to life and is exceptionally speedy, which shows in the amount of rosettes he has won over the years.

He loves a fuss but only if no one is looking.


14h2 12 yr old Welsh Section D Black gelding. Dylan is very cheeky and if he can will walk into the middle of the school during a lesson for a fuss from me.  He is kind and gentle and looks after riders, he has done many show jumping shows and really enjoys jumping and hacking. He is good in the stable and enjoys being groomed and fussed.



14h2” 14 year old Welsh Section D Black gelding. Nigel is beautiful!!!! Long flowing mane and tail with a personality to match his looks. He again has a big fan club and is very popular with our riders. He wants to please and is good in every sphere.

Herbie - Llanidan Herbert


15h1” 13 year old Welsh Section D bay gelding. Herbie is a lovely horse; he is quiet and shy with lovely manners and a loving temperament. We use Herbie for our more experienced riders as his dressage and jumping are special.


16h1" 11 year old ISH gelding.  Billy was hunting in Ireland before he came to live with us so he really enjoys his cross country, jumping and hacking.  He is a big friendly giant.



14hh 7 yr old bay Cob gelding.  Barney before he came to us worked in a riding school for a year and then was loaned to a girl who has competed dressage and show jumping with him.  He is good to hack and has impeccable manners in the stable.  He has a playful temperament and will pull things off the stable door and put them on the floor.