Events 2024


We feel the children would enjoy more structure within Pony Days so children will be working towards a certificate based system of three gradings.

Each grading will have a stable management and a ridden section that need to be completed before the certificate can be issued.  We don’t expect them to complete a certificate within one pony day, it will take time. 

March Half Term - 26th & 28th

April Half Term - 2nd & 4th

May Half Term - 28th & 30th 

Summer Break - 23rd & 25th July

20th, 22nd, 27th & 29th August 

Cost £55 with a £25 deposit to secure a place.


These are for more experienced riders.  Both children and adults are welcome.  Riders have to be able to walk, trot, canter and jump a small fence. They will be structured towards Showjumping and dressage. Stable management will be more in-depth. 

14th February, 27th March, 3rd April, 29th May, 21st August & 28th August

School Summer holidays


Monday, 29th July to Friday, 2nd August.

This is always popular and books up fast.

Staying in tents in a secure and safe environment with 24 hour supervision.  All meals are included.

Riding every day working on jumping, dressage, mounted games, field riding plus much more. We also usually include picnic ride. Stable management and pony care.  Quizzes and evening entertainment.

Cost £400 with £175 deposit to secure place.



Tuesday, 6th to Thursday, 8th August 

This is aimed our younger less experienced riders who do not wish to be on a residential week.  Lots of riding, pony care and stable management working towards the Pony All Star BHS Books and certificates.

Cost £150 with a £75 deposit to secure a place. 



Monday 13th to Friday 15th August

This course is suitable for both adults and children.

This is aimed at more experienced riders who are wishing to improve their riding and Equestrian knowledge.  Riding will be structured, but we will also have fun elements with field riding and a picnic hack. Stable management and horse care.  This course will have BHS stage one syllabus included.

Cost £250 with £100 deposit to secure a place.



These evening are for riders both adults and children that are walk, trot, canter, and can jump a small fence.

They will be held under unaffiliated Showjumping rules and we will have rossettes for 1st to 5th placing for each class.

Friday 5th April, Friday 3rd May, Friday 7th June, Friday 5th July.

we will be holding 4 classes, class 1 will start with small cross poles and the classes will get progressively higher. 

£10 per class


All riders will need to be able to walk, trot and canter.  Hacking starts at 6 pm and will include a canter and maybe a gallop.

We will also stop at the local pub for a drink.

This Hack takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Cost £65 with a £25 deposit to secure place.

Friday 24th March, 28th June, 26th July & 23rd August.

All bookings require a non transferable/refundable deposit payable via bank transfer to secure the booking.  We also have a 48 hour cancellation policy on all bookings.