In these pages you will find information about the centre and its staff (both animal and human).

There is information about our lessons, which we provide for both adults and children, pony days and other events.You will also find links to contact us, and some history about the Centre based in Warwickshire.

We at Holly Riding School are very excited by the opportunities this site presents to keep in touch with you, our customers, and to be able to share with you all the latest news from the Centre.

The Centre has been open since 1976 and in that time we have taught thousands of students to ride from Warwickshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands.  Over the last few years the centre has had some considerable improvements and are now quite proud of the new improved look and feel.

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly centre with a strong community feeling and an emphasis on safety and fun.


We already have our program of events planned until September.  We have our usual riding lessons, half term activities and school holidays although we’ve added in some extra courses for our more experienced riders.


We are very excited to be taking 3 teams, Under 11, 12 to 17 years and Adult Tean to compete in the BHS National Championships at Pickering Grange, Leicester on Wednesday 3rd April, everyone is welcome to come along and support your riding schoo. We will be hosting more jumping and dressage competitions throughout the year. So much to look forward too.


Peace of Mind  

When using a our centre you can be sure that a stringent criteria is constantly in place and being reviewed. This includes a vast range of specifics for the quality of teaching, the standard that our horses are cared for, the facilities and also important issues like employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance.  All our staff are DBS checked, have attended Child Protection Courses and BHS 1st Aid approved.

British Horse Society, ABRS Association of British Riding Schools & The Pony Club Approved Centre

Becoming a member of these prestigious and beneficial organisations means that we had to meet tough standards in order to achieve our acceptance and these standards are there to give you peace of mind. 


The Holly Riding School Safeguarding Policy is available upon request 


Latest News

Please see our Events page for our 2024 program of events.  This year we have introduced a lot more for our experienced riders.  Rider courses, show jumping competitions, competing in National comps and against other riding schools plus evening pub rides.

Pony Days - We feel the children would enjoy more structure within Pony Days so children will be working towards a certificate based system of three gradings.

Each grading will have a stable management and a ridden section that need to be completed before the certificate can be issued.  We don’t expect them to complete a certificate within one pony day, it will take time.



Licence No. 008009 valid until 31st December 2024 attaining 5 Stars from North Warwickshire Borough Council

Meet the Ponies

We feel it is important for our horses that their work load is varied and the hours they work are regulated. Therefore, we ensure that our horses do a variety of work within our ménages, indoor school, trekking tracks and cross country course to ensure they do not become sour and bored. Our horses enjoy dressage, show jumping, cross country and hacking.  Happy horse is a happy rider. ...more